Ethiopia Supreme Court appoints its first woman head, Meaza Ashenafi

The women-led wave in Ethiopia shows no signs of abating as the country welcomed its first Chief Justice, i.e. President of the Federal Supreme Court, on Thursday morning. Meaza Ashenafi, was approved unanimously by the lawmaking chamber, House of Peoples Representatives, HoPR, she had been nominated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Ashenafi, who is the founder of the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association, EWLA, is to serve as President of the federal Supreme Court. Lawmakers also approved the appointment of Solomon Areda as Vice president of the Federal Supreme Court.

Last week, lawmaker approved the appointment of Ethiopia’s first female president in the person of Sahle-Work Zewde, an astute international civil servant and diplomat who was at the time serving as top official of the United Nations chief to the African Union.

The week before, Abiy presented a gender-balanced cabinet with ten women, as many as men. He gave sensitive portfolios of Defence and the powerful Peace Ministry to women.

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