Zidane’s two choices for next job revealed by Arsene Wenger

Former Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger, has given Zinedine Zidane advice on where he should go when he returns to the game as a manager. Zidane walked away from Real Madrid, after delivering a third successive Champions League title last season.

According to Wenger, his compatriot now has only two choices. “He’s in a very difficult position, he’s been in the biggest club in the world, and he can only go to the second biggest club in the world. “That means he is in front of something, or I go for a long-term project and I go to a different aspect of my job, and I want to be involved in building up a club.

“Or I go straight away again to a team that can compete, that can win the Champions League again. That won’t be easy, personally. “In his case, I would go for a different aspect of my job,” Wenger explained to beIN SPORTS.

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