Congo Republic now exporting Iron Ore

Iron ore in storage at steel production facility. (Photo by Roger Ball/Worldsteel via Getty Images)

The grand arrival of the first train ferrying the first iron ore extracts in Congo Brazaville, mined in Mayoko district, 300 kilometres from the train central station in the economic capital, Pointe-Noire.

One year later,and Congo has become one of the iron exporting countries. About 23,000 tonnes of this material was loaded last week into a ship at the Pointe-Noire Port Authority destined for China. The mining company, the Sapro SA group plans to increase exports to 12 million tonnes per year from 2022.

This major trade comes at a time when Congo Brazaville is dealing with an economic and financial crisis since the fall in oil prices in 2014. The country hopes that these iron exports will empower its plans to diversify its economy from being an oil dependent nation.

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