Apple launches video streaming service – Apple TV+

Apple is formalizing its on-demand video service. The global giant unveiled Apple TV+ and a new video streaming service at its Cupertino headquarters in California on Monday.

The products will launch this fall in over 100 countries. The service will only offer original content with new features every month. The service will be ad-free and Apple did not announce pricing. AppleTV+ will be available via the Apple TV application, which is available on all Apple devices, and on smart TVs including Samsung and Amazon.


Apple sees this as a turnaround inspired by great stories.

“ Great stories can move and inspire us. They can surprise us and challenge our assumptions. We think we can make an important contribution to our culture and society by great story telling “, CEO, Tim Cook said.

In order to distinguish itself against players like Netflix, the multinational has mobilized big names. A galaxy of stars were present for the occasion, including Steven Spielberg.

“ I am so grateful to be here today. This is my first time at Apple, you know, the place where imagination and technology join forces to change the world through sight, sound and touch “, Speilberg said.

Apple has also succeeded in bringing back Oprah Winfrey, the queen of talk shows. Oprah will produce two documentaries. “ We are search for common ground. We want to be listened to, but we must also listen, open, be open and contribute in order to harness our hopes and dreams and heal our divisions. That’s why I joined forces with Apple “, Winfrey said.

Apple also launched a credit card called Apple card. The laser-etched Apple Card is backed by Goldman Sachs and MasterCard and can track spending across devices as well as pay daily cash back on purchases. Apple now aims to focus on digital content and services to free itself from its dependence on iPhone sales.

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